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Wireless Broadband

CoastNet 7.2MB USB
Wireless Modem $149.95
No contract, No exit fees.

New Wireless Internet Service
Combo Plus:
Combo: Modem/Sim +
15GB Data (1yr) $299.95
No contract, No exit fees.

CoastNet Wireless Broadband

Why choose CoastNet  Wireless Broadband?

With CoastNet Wireless Broadband you can obtain information fast and reliably.

We have you covered.

With our extensive coverage you will have access to all your favourites including movies, email, and social networks. Keep in contact with your mates and stay up to date with the latest world events.

No Contract Pre-paid Wireless

If you're tired of being locked in to lengthy contracts CoastNet's Wireless Broadband is for you. If you're active and constantly on the move our Wireless Broadband Plans will give you total peace of mind.

View our Wireless Broadband Plans

*Your access and use of this service constitutes your agreement to CoastNet Pty Ltd Terms of Use.
*Total data downloads in excess of the monthly data included with your selected plan may result in the slowing of the service to 64kbps speed until the next billing anniversary date. Some areas may not support ADSL2+.
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